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Dave Swarts

Dave Swarts

Founder and Executive Director

Dave has earned a BS in Economics, an MBA-Finance, and the Certified Commercial Investment Member designation. He has worked in Corporate Real Estate, primarily focused on decision support.

He spends most of his free time negotiating with three very opinionated Italian Greyhounds, Bailey, Bruno, and Charley. Other times you can find him in the mountains, on a beach, or eating the very best food at vegan events and restaurants around the country.

Dave is a VegLife Kansas City ambassador because he recognizes how important it is to provide an inclusive and accessible platform for the KC community to learn about and experience a plant-rich lifestyle. 

Audrey Lawson-Sanchez

Audrey Lawson-Sanchez

Board President

Audrey Lawson-Sanchez is the founder and executive director of Balanced, a nutrition and public health advocacy organization holding the food industry accountable and fighting for healthier menus in schools, hospitals, and other critical community institutions.

Audrey is a born and raised Kansan, now living on the Missouri side of the state line. When she’s not demanding better from major food companies, she’s spending time with her husband, daughter, and menagerie of rescued animals.

Audrey is proud to work with VegLifeKC because she believes it’s the perfect organization to usher in and amplify the healthy-food revolution already starting to happen in Kansas City. In her mind, no other organization is doing what VegLifeKC is doing, and its unique contribution to the city is a benefit to every member of the community regardless of their dietary choices. Audrey believes whether people are vegan, vegetarian, or just looking to balance their diet with more plants, VegLifeKC is the ultimate resource for information, events, and connections.

Jeff Swarts

Jeff Swarts

Board Secretary

Jeff received a BS in Economics from the University of Kansas and has worked in the Financial Services industry for a local mutual fund company for 13 years where he is most passionate about helping people plan for retirement.

Jeff and his wife, Ellie, have two beautiful, crazy kids and enjoy traveling together as a family. They share their home with a talented and fluffy labradoodle named Gus.

Jeff is an ambassador for VegLife because he believes that all life is precious and people have the responsibility to speak up for those that can’t.

 Bill Saxton

Bill Saxton

Board Treasurer

Bill received a BS in Accounting and Finance from the University of Kansas and has worked as a CPA for local public accounting firms for the past 15 years.
Bill and his wife, Sarah, have a two year old son, Will V, who has already traveled with them all over the country.  They share their home with a two year old furry son, Jackson, a Goldendoodle.   It is a constant battle over attention between our two boys.
Bill is an ambassador for VegLife because of his love for animals, and a desire to be part of a positive message in the city that he’s called home for all of his life.
Lane Teel

Lane Teel

Board Member

Lane received a BS-Clothing, Textiles and Merchandising Management..  She is currently the Associate Director of Design Administration for Essense of Australia.

She shares her home with two Siberian Husky sisters and a fluffy ragdoll cat.  Lane loves to garden, cook, do yoga and spend time with family and friends.  

Lane is a VegLife Kansas City ambassador because she loves spreading the word about the plant based lifestyle.  She enjoys coordinating the food for VegLife Kansas City events and spreading knowledge about all of the plant based alternatives to animal products.

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